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Happiness defines my photography. The natural world is so incredibly benevolent and for me it is all about being in that most precious space. It's no coincidence that is both my escape and sometimes a point of solace far away from the rigours and responsibilities that so often characterise peoples' lives. I like to think that some of that emotion is conveyed in my images. To capture that feeling in such a way my pictures might relate to someone who didn’t have the privilege of being there with me. 


Whilst I am not a full time professional photographer my work has been commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA), Bird Photographer Of The Year (BPOTY) and UK Wildlife Trusts. I have also written a variety of wildlife photography articles published across a range of media both in the UK and abroad which I thoroughly enjoy. 


All the images shared on this site are taken from my wildlife adventures, most of which are captured close to home in the Suffolk countryside. If I can share my work with others; to encourage awareness and in some small way an appreciation of the natural world all around us, then I am supremely happy. I hope you enjoy looking through my site.



"Happiness defines my photographic journey. A point of solace and retreat within the benevolence of nature."


I'm always incredibly flattered if not humbled when others take an interest and like my work. It never ceases to amaze me the reach of the digital universe and the requests from far away shores for articles, interviews and images. 

Like many photographers with similar interests it's great to connect, share ideas and experiences. It sounds like a cliche but you never stop learning on this creative journey and I'm always happy to impart what limited knowledge I have accrued over the years. (I continually badger others whose work I admire).

So it would be great to hear from you, let's talk photography and do get in touch.



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