Wetlands and rivers

The UK’s freshwater wetlands and waterways range from small ponds and trickling streams to gushing rivers and massive reservoirs. From the River Severn to the Norfolk Broads, the Scottish lochs to the ponds of our back gardens, with such a variety of habitats, it’s no wonder that these areas support a diverse range of plants and animals

Battleship Potempkin
A solitary duckling ventures forth on Sudbury water meadow.
Otter's tales along the river bank
The otter is very territorial and solitary. Dog otters and bitches with cubs keep to their own separate territories typically along the riverbank which they defend aggressively. Mum was very close to her cub when I took this portrait quite unperturbed my presence.
Lost in translation
Mute Swans take to flight on a winter's morning at Lackford lake
White sail
An overcast morning on the fens, but nonetheless a break in the cloud frames an egret as it feeds in the shallows.
Wingbeats...just so very softly on the meadow as the morning light takes hold.
Hidden worlds
Water voles have undergone one of the most serious declines of any wild mammal in Britain due to degradation of local habitats. But this is one of a series of images of a small colony of voles situated by a stream very close to home.
Nothin' but a dreamer
The morning light takes hold and the mist clears framing this Mute Swan.
Early learning
Mother and cub venture along the river bank on the Little Ouse.
A winters' morning and soft diffused light frames this Mute Swan as it preens itself on the lake.
Misty mornings
A solitary Great Crested Grebe enters right of frame as the morning mist clings to the waters' surface.
Careful steps
An otter cub ventures forth as it forages along the riverbank on the Little Ouse, Suffolk.
Featured image in the 2019 British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) compendium, published by Ammonite Press.
Harvest supper
I just find myself captivated by water voles. As I spend more time with these little creatures at a stream close to home their individual characters begin to shine through. Such a privilege to watch and observe their unique behaviours.
Winter's morn
A Bearded Tit feeds on the reed stems at RSPB Lakenheath as the weather takes a turn for the worse.
Still waters
A Great Crested Grebe preens himself in the mist as it hung over calm waters. An off camera flash has been used in this image with a "Magmod" extender to frame my subject.
Misty mornings
Mute swans take to flight along the meadow on a cold winter's morn.
Vantage point
Resting on her favourite vantage point this female otter keeps a watchful on her young cub as he forages along the river bank.
Reach for the heavens
A Mute Swan at first light preens his wings in the winter mist as the day takes hold.
No fishing permit required
A Great Crested Grebe prepares to dive as the morning sun rises over Lakenheath Fen.
Watch with mother
A cygnet watches and learns along the riverbank under the watchful of gaze of mother.
The Bandit
A Bearded Tit feeds on the reed stems at RSPB Lakenheath Fen.
Happy days
Water voles are particularly partial to fruit and at the beginning of Autumn the vibrant colours of the season begin to shine through along the river bank.
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